What to bring with you

 Covid related

As a result of Covid each person should bring

  • your own yoga mat.  This should be a good grip yoga mat, and not an exercise or pilates mat which may be slippery.  You may purchase one here for €25.
  • a blanket to put over your body during the deep relaxation.
  • your own hand sanitiser which is useful for the outings (but realise it is not a substitute for hot ater and soap).
  • sufficient face masks for your time here


It is currently not manditory to be vaccinated in order to book lodgings at a hotel or guesthouse or retreat centre in Ireland.

We eat lunch at a local cafe/restaurant/pub during our organised outings.  In Ireland, it is mandatory to be vacinnated to enter one of these hospitality eating places.

Please bring your Vacinnation Cert with you, as they will need to see this.

 Essential things to bring

Please make sure you bring the following;

  • walking boots (or good strong shoes for walking)
  • rain gear: good rain-proof coat and rain pants if you have them
  • change of clothes
  • layers of clothes are best for the changeable climate
  • comfortable clothes for yoga practice (shorts if very dynamic or hot yoga on the retreat you booked)
  • your confirmation email which will say whether you have fully paid by credit card or have a remaining amount to pay in cash
  • thick socks or soft soled slippers, as we don’t wear shoes inside the centre.  Please note we don’t wear flip flops or sandals indoors and most people just wear socks.  There is under-floor heating.
  • small drinking water bottle.  You may refill with our filtered Burren well water.
  • shower gel, shampoo and any toiletries
  • driving directions as very poor mobile phone coverage for last few miles to get here.


If you are coming on a Yoga boot camp retreat where we have Bikram Hot yoga, please bring a large bath towel with you to put over your mat.

 Useful things to consider

The items below are not essential, but you may be glad to have some of them with you.

  • cash, as there are few ATMs in this area
  • alarm clock (mobile phone on airplane mode is fine)
  • bath towel for the beach and swimming gear
  • sun block
  • slip on shoes for walking outside the centre
  • small back pack or bum bag for our outings
  • hat, scarf and gloves for outings unless during the summer 
  • camera

 Worth leaving behind

Our retreats are a chance for you to take time to yourself, and to get away from the external world.  It is an opportunity for you to learn quality yoga and meditation, and to take time to tune inwards.

It is worth leaving behind the usual distractions of

  • newspapers
  • magazines with adverts
  • laptop


And keeping your mobile phone turned off or on airplane mode.

It is good to make arrangements where you don’t need to be contacted.

If you have a special circumstance at home you need to stay in contact with, please see our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Digital Device free retreat

Experience an environment without phones, wifi, internet, radio or newspapers.

Phones should be turned off or set to airline mode. 

If you need to make an important phone call, please do so out of sight and out of ear shot of other guests.  Other guests may be making a big effort to leave this behind for the retreat, and it may make it more challenging for them.

The landline number of Burren Yoga Retreat may be used in emergency to contact you.

 What we supply

We provide the items below, so you don’t need to bring them with you, unless you prefer to use your own.

  • hair dryer
  • bath towel and hand towel (not for use at the beach.  Please bring your own towel for swimming.)
  • yoga props including blocks, bricks, bolsters, belts, meditation cushions, yoga chairs.  


Please note that since Covid you should bring your own yoga mat and a fleece blanket to put over you for the deep relaxation.

If you don’t have your own may, you may purchase one here for €25.

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