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 Covid Safety Requirements

Updated 27th December 2021:

All our guests must be fully vaccinated in order to attend our retreats.

You must email a copy of your Digitial Covid Certificate of Vaccination 2 weeks before you arrive.

All our guests and staff must take a Covid antigen test the day before they arrive here, and email us a photo of your negative result.

They must bring with them at least 7 more antigen tests if booking a week-long retreat, or 3 more tests if booking a weekend-only retreat.

All guests and staff also take an antigen test when they arrive at the centre.

And take an antigen test every morning before entering the yoga studio.   

This is to provide extra safety since the arrival of the omicron variant.

Antigen testing and Omicron:

There is growing evidence that only doing nasal swabs are not effective in detecting Omicron.

It is recommended to swab both sides of the back of the throat first, and then both nostrils for the same test.

Apparently, Delta variant shows quite well just doing nasal swabs.

As Omicron is now the dominant variant, we are recommending that all staff and guests swab both the throat and nostrils for their daily antigen test.

All our guests and staff  must ensure that in the past 14 days before arriving

  • have not been in close contact with anybody who is infected or at high risk of being infected with Covid 19
  • had no possible Covid symptoms including cough, high temperature, loss of taste or smell, or any flu like symptoms
  • have not travelled in a plane.  There is 1 exception which is explained lower on this page.

All our guests and staff must agree to

  • providing their Covid vaccination cert when they arrive
  • having your temperature checked when you arrive
  • washing your hands upon arrival and also frequently throughout your stay
  • wear a facemask while indoors unless eating, or on your yoga mat in the yoga room or in your bedroom
  • agree to follow safe coughing/sneezing etiquette
    • Turn your head away from others and physical distance as much as possible
    • Use a tissue to cover your nose and mouth
      • No tissues?  Cough/sneeze into the elbow
    • Do not touch surfaces with your hand after this and use tissue or clothing to open the door handle or ask staff to assist
    • Clean your hands after discarding tissue using soap and water
    • If a fit of coughing or sneezing that you go outdoors immediately
  • agree to be mindful of social distancing and keeping a safe distance from other guests and staff
  • adhere to any social distancing guidelines given by any of our staff
  • if you decide to car share, that you will wear a face mask
  • remain respectful of individual preferences in relation to Covid 19 whether this be social distancing or other precautions which make people feel safe
 Exception if travelling by Plane

If you travel by plane, you must wait at least 75 hours after your plane lands in Ireland, and then take a PCR test.

It is possible to have a “Rapid PCR test in Ireland” and to have the results on the same day.

So let’s say the retreat starts 7:00 pm Friday evening.

If you land in Ireland on Monday morning before 12 noon, you could take the Rapid PCR test 75 hours later on Thursday at noon.

And then have the negative test result, and travel to the Burren Yoga Retreat by Friday evening.

You will also need to bring 7 antigen tests with you and to do a test each morning of the retreat.

 Our Commitment to your safety

We have invested over €30,000 in 3 large ventilation systems in the new yoga centre.

We have also installed glass covid safety screens on the tables in the dining rooms.

And implemented many more safety measures and cleaning regimes to ensure that the Burren Yoga Retreat remains a very safe environment.

More information can be seen at Our Commitment to your safety

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